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Fuel Saving Tips for your Old Car

Refueling Automobile

Old vehicles can be troublesome for a variety of reasons. One of the problems you may deal with in your old car is a noticeably decreased fuel efficiency. For those who’d rather not spend a chunk of their paycheck on gasoline, this is a serious problem. However, no matter how old your car might be, there are some fuel saving tips that you can apply to increase your car’s fuel efficiency.

  1. Maintain Average Speed Whenever You Can

Thanks to technological change, even if your vehicle has the same performance level as a modern car, it’s unlikely to match its efficiency. Thanks to computerized driving systems and onboard hardware that maximizes how your engine is running, your modern car can keep you in check. Keep your driving habits in mind and remember that you may need to adjust your accelerator usage in an older car. Speeding can significantly raise fuel consumption, especially for older vehicles. So, keep your speed down whenever you can.

  1. Avoid Accelerating Quickly and Braking Hard.

 You can increase fuel efficiency with your old car simply by slowing acceleration and performing soft stops. This will increase the time you spend coasting and as a result will burn less gas. Be aware of the traffic situation in your area to avoid stepping on the brakes hard or accelerating too slowly. If you have a manual car, watch your shifts to maximize efficiency and keep revs low.

  1. Control your A/C Usage.

 One of best tips on how to save money on gas even for new vehicles is to avoid using A/C as much as you can. You can do this especially during cool weather when you can keep the windows down and let the cold air in. Using the A/C increases fuel consumption, so imagine how much gas money you can save by simply controlling your A/C usage.

  1. Make Sure your Car is Well-Maintained.

Having your old car serviced will make sure that every part is working properly and does not hurt your fuel consumption. Examples of possible vehicle problems that need to be checked are dirty air filters and A/C vents, defective spark plugs, and gas tank leaks. Bald tires increase friction on the road and reduce fuel efficiency. When buying new tires, shop around for tires marketed as efficiency-improving instead of performance-improving.

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