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Through the past decade, we have seen technology advance rapidly in the automotive industry. Today, you find cars with onboard technology you could only dream of a decade or two ago. So is it time for you to trade in that old car of yours for a new one? It might be! If you’re not convinced, here are some 2018 new car features that come out this year that may change your mind.

Bring Alexa into Your Car

Voice control technology has come a long way in a few short years and for many people, it is an amazingly convenient new part of their life. Be it on our phones or at home with Amazon Alexa, voice control system through the cloud, and other similar products have made is easier for us to stay connected. Automakers including Toyota and BMW are now partnering up with Amazon to bring Alexa to your car which will allow you to control the information system with your voice. Not only can you do a lot inside your vehicle, communicate with your at-home smart technology linked to Alexa.

Semi-autonomous Drive Features

Many automakers have been working on autonomous drive technology and introducing it to their lineups. While manufacturers are offering a wide variety of features, some being far ahead than others, autonomous technology is still a game-changer. Self-driving technology gives the driver a bit of a break from the strain and stress of driving. Companies including Cadillac and Chrysler have already begun implementing features from semi-autonomous driving to automated parking in their latest models. Come to Yark Buys Cars to see about selling your vehicle and trading up to a technology-packed new car for sale at the Yark Auto Group.

Samsung’s Cockpit

Some of the new tech on the way will completely change the way we interact with our vehicles. Samsung, at the latest Consumer Electronics Show, unveiled its digital cockpit concept that really showed off how far we’ve come in terms of vehicle tech. The system uses four screens that take up much of the dashboard and can be used for entertainment along and to check up on the car’s technical aspects. In the concept Samsung displayed, the driver has full customization over the cockpit.

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