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Repair or Replace? What to do with an Older Car

Older car in need of repair

There comes a time in every car owner’s life where he or she need to make the tough decision – do you continue to put money into a vehicle that’s been giving you trouble, or put that money towards buying a new car replacement? There are pros and cons to either repairing or replacing your older car, and your own personal financial situation needs to be at the forefront of it. Here are some of the pros and cons to each option.


Pros and Cons of Repairing your Older Car

Pros to Repairing your Older Car

·         No recurring bills: Aside from the occasional repair bill, you won’t have a monthly car payment looming over your head.

·         Peace of mind: If you’ve had this car since the beginning of its life, you know how it drives and what is normal/abnormal.

Cons to Repairing your Older Car

·         The price: Repairing older cars typically come with higher price tags as the years drag on and the required work gets more serious. Similarly, finding quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts might get harder and harder.

·         The time: More repairs on an older model mean more time spent at the mechanic, meaning more time lost.


Pros and Cons of Replacing your Older Car

Pros to Replacing your Older Car

·         Peace of mind: With a new car, the mechanics are much more sound and with proper maintenance should run without any unexpected issues. Additionally, with constant safety improvements, cars being build today are safer than ever.

·         [Potentially] free scheduled maintenance: Many automotive manufacturers offer free scheduled maintenance for a certain amount of time for a new vehicle. Take advantage of that!

Cons to Replacing your Older Car

·         New car payment: When replacing your car, even if you have a down payment, you will probably take on a new car payment.

·         Time to purchase: Finding the right new car to replace your old one will require patience, research and time.


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