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Top Quick Tips on Keeping your Car Clean

Overloaded car that needs cleaning

Keeping your car clean seems easy, but after a busy week and no time to take to stay on top of it, it can quickly fall off your list of priorities. Luckily for you, cleaning your car doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task! There are many easy and simple car-care habits you can begin now that can help keep your car in tip-top shape for the time to come. Read on for our top four quick tips on keeping your car clean.

Tip #1: Don’t Eat in your Car.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to point out. No matter how clean you think your eating habits are, crumbs will begin to build up in the crevices around your car. By not eating in your car at all, you are knocking out the potential for mess entirely.

Tip #2: Keep Car-Care Supplies in your Car.

It’s much easier to clean up a spill or mess when the car-care supplies are in arm’s reach. By having a ready-made kit of common cleaning supplies (paper towels, interior-specific cleaner, glass cleaner, etc.), you are much more likely to clean up the mess as it happens. Cleaning up immediately on the go also prevents stains from setting into fabric.

Tip #3: At End of Every Day, Take Everything out that Doesn’t Belong.

Cars tend to accumulate our stuff – many drivers have the tendency to throw belongings in their trunk/backseat and forget about it, using their car as interim storage. This gives way for trash that should be thrown out to stay and stink up your car. At the end of every day, take out the stuff that doesn’t belong in your car and take it inside or throw it out. Not only will this help to keep you organized, but it will help keep your car ready for anything, including spontaneous passengers!

Tip #4: Keep your Car in the Garage.

If you can, storing your vehicle in a garage will keep the exterior clean and help prevent sun damage. If you don’t have the option to garage your car, investing in a car cover for when the car is parked outside for prolonged periods of time would also be extremely beneficially.

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