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Dealership Management Staff

Photo of Jeff Fuller

Jeff Fuller
Buy Center Manager
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Photo of Bob Lutz

Bob Lutz
Inventory Manager
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Photo of Daryl Bondy

Daryl Bondy
Kelley Blue Book Purchasing Agent
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Photo of Bryan Emerine

Bryan Emerine
Kelley Blue Book Purchasing Agent
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Photo of Shiretta Grier

Shiretta Grier
Kelley Blue Book Purchasing Agent
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Our Staff is Here to Help

When you visit Yark Buys Cars, you’ll have the pleasure of dealing with the expert Yark Automotive Group staff you’ve come to trust. Don’t take risks with a less-than-reputable private buyer or a dealership that still hasn’t proven itself to you, visit us when its time to sell your car and you’ll be glad you did! If you have any questions about our carbuying process, reach out to our office or directly to any of the staff members listed above. We hold customer satisfaction in high regard and we would love to take the time to help you along in your carbuying or car-selling journey.

Our staff live and breathes cars and get you an answer to almost any question you may have. Contact any of the above staff members if you have a question about selling your car. We’re here to help!