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Visit Yark Automotive Today & Sell Your Car In
3 Easy Steps!

At Yark Buys Cars, selling your car for cash is as easy as 1-2-3! We make the car-selling process swift, simple and streamlined at our Toledo, OH, car buyer, helping you to sell you car for cash or value your trade-in options. So when you want to sell your car today, reach out to Yark Buys Cars!

Here’s How it Works!

There are three easy steps to sell your car in Toledo, OH. They are:

Value Your Trade

Use the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer form to value your trade. This will gauge the condition and options of your vehicle to determine an Instant Cash Offer!

Bring In Your Appraisal

Bring your Kelley Blue Book certificate and vehicle to the Yark Buy Center so that we can examine the vehicle and verify its condition and available features.

Get Paid!

After we confirm everything, we’ll cut you a check and handle all the paperwork.

That’s it — no delays and no overly complicated paperwork. Once you’ve sold your car, you can ask us about the new and used vehicles that the Yark Automotive Group has for sale. Or, head home with the check in hand. Get directions to Yark Buys Cars, which is roughly 15 minutes from Downtown Toledo, making us an excellent location for residents of urban or suburban Toledo to sell their car for a great price. The Yark Buy Center is conveniently located adjacent to I-475 on Central Avenue.

Yark Buys Cars purchases more vehicles than anyone else in the region. We pay more than anyone, we offer incredible

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